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Sunset Bath Robe
Sunset Bath Robe
Sunset Bath Robe

Sunday Minx

Sunset Bath Robe


Ensure each day begins with the warmth and energy of softly wrapping yourself in the Sunday Minx Sunrise Bath Robe! Made with 100% Turkish Cotton, handmade on old shuttle looms by craftsman who have learnt this intricate skill passed down through generations for centuries. You will feel and look amazing!

 Featuring bold, joyful colours in a playful stripe pattern, this luxury bath robe provides quality materials, ultimate comfort, beautiful softness and unique style.

Each robe has large pockets, a soft collar and matching waist tie.  Generously sized, one size fits most, with the added ability to roll sleeves to your desired length. Starting your day has never been so enjoyable!


Luxe Bath Robe made with 100% Turkish cotton

Generously sized - one size fits most

Handcrafted on an old shuttle loom

Ultra absorbent, cozy and warm

Features large pockets and matching waist tie

European craftsmanship

Machine washable