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Rory The Rhino Planter Head
Rory The Rhino Planter Head

White Moose

Rory The Rhino Planter Head


Charging through your walls and into your heart is Rory the Rhino. He is more than a wall mounted trophy animal, he is the carrier and protector of your plants.

Rory the Rhino is an animal head white wall planter. This wall mounted animal head planter comes with a 10cm diameter pot making him perfect for succulents, small indoor plants and faux indoor plants.

Rory the Rhinoceros animal head planter is the perfect homewares piece to decorate a nursery, kids bedroom or any other space in your home. 

Give him a ferny do or a spiky cactus cut, this fashion forward Rhino is always in style.

Style Tip: Our wall planters look great with hanging plants such as Devil Ivy, String of Pearls and Boston ferns. These varieties are perfect for growing indoors.

Size: 25cm x 25cm 19cm

Colour: White

Material: Resin