Made for men, with the woman in mind. This classy, sexy, timeless range is reminiscent of days gone by. Think Mad Men, 1950's Manhattan and Old Fashioned cocktails. Complex and sophisticated fragrances to be enjoyed by both men and women. Elegantly gift boxed
Copper Glass Jar Candles by R2 Designs
Amber Lab Jar Candles by R2 Designs
Our “Signature” Collection is a beautifully curated collection of exquisite fragrance blends from around the globe. Each individual range, within the collection, is carefully designed to instantly evoke emotion and memory to be enjoyed in your home. Beautifully gift boxed, our bamboo Reed Room Diffusers will pleasantly and subtly provide a constant aroma in your home, to be enjoyed for months at a time. Just turn the sticks for a burst of fresh fragrance!